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Sixty L31

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Sixty L31

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Armchair: L 81 – H 89 – D. 76 – H seat 42 – H arm 60


Steel framework, entirely moulded with cold-cure polyurethane. Seat moulded in double softness foam: softer in the centre for a better comfort and harder all around for a better upholstery. Detail of holes position on the underside of the armchair: mm 140 x 140. Wooden strips on the underside of the shell for stapling the fabric.

To achieve a better upholstery, we suggest to set the seat into place by means of the 4 threaded pins which are supplied, prior to fix the fabric around the shell.

Weight shell with seat: kg 14,5
Volume: disassembled mc 0,30
Required fabric for upholstery: mt. 3,20 (h. 1,40)


Assembled beech wood base

Weight: kg 4
Volume: cbm 0,09.

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